How To Remove Audio From Video On Any Device 2019

Now you can remove Audio from video on any device using the simple tool that is there for all the platform and you can freely access it, So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Videos are the combined form of moving images and the audio embedded aside to the particular frames. In combined form, the video is the way to entertainment and the real joy full of emotions is spluttered out from the single media file. Now the thing is that not always the users require to play and watch the videos while they also require some time to get some parts out of the video for specific purposes. They might require the part of the video, only the frames of the video without the audio or just the audio alone for some projects.

There are plenty of video editing tools available out there that can be used to grasp out the video parts, audio or just edit the video. But now if only those users are considered which all need to remove the audio alone from the video and do nothing else, they would not get a quick benefit out from the video editors. For the users seeking the easy method to remove the audio from the video quickly, we have written this article where we have just described all of the information related to the same. If anyone among you is interested to know about this method, they could go and read this whole post until the end!

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How to Remove Audio From Video On Any Device 2019

#1 On Mac OS

Remove Audio From Video On Any Device

For the process of removing the audio from the video on the Mac os you have to download and install the iMovie application which is the video editor. This small video editor has great capabilities and for this method, it would be enough so as to retrieve the actions. Import the video to this simple video editor and then place it on the timeline. Right click on the video inside the timeline and choose the Detach Video option from there. The audio section will be split, just click on it and press the delete button. Finally, save or export the video project by pressing the Command+ E keys.

#2 On Android

Well, there are plenty of Android app available on the Google Play Store that allows users to remove audio from any video. Below, we are going to list 3 best Android apps to remove audio 2019.

#1 Timbre


Timbre is one of the best and top rated Android audio and video editing app that’s available on the Google Play Store. The key feature of Timbre is its audio and video cutter which allows users to quickly cut songs or cut videos to their liking. Apart from that, Timbre can also be used to remove the audio file from the video.

#2 Video Sound Editor

Video Sound Editor

Video Sound Editor is a full-fledged audio editing app available on the Google Play Store. With Video Sound Editor, you can easily remove and change the audio in the video. Not only that but with Video Sound Editor, you can also trim videos as well. Apart from that, Video Sound Editor supports a wide range of video formats including WMV, 3GP, AVI, MPG, AVI, etc.

#3 Video Sound Remover

Video Sound Remover

If you are searching for an easy to use and lightweight Android app to remove audio from video, then Video Sound Remover might be the best pick for you. The app can remove audio from any video in just one tap. Just browse the audio file and then tap on ‘Remove Sound’ to remove the audio.

#3 On iOS

There are plenty of iPhone apps available on the iOS App store that can help you to remove audio from any video. Below, we are going to list three best iOS App to remove audio from videos 2019.

#1 Video Mute

Remove Audio From Video

Install the app named Video Mute on your iOS device, and there inside the app select the video from the whole of the media content shown from your device. Set the audio level for the video to zero or nil through the slider and then hit the export button on the top of the preview. After processing you could save the video to your device and hence load it later on!

#2 iMovie


Well, iMovie is one of the best iPhone video editor app available on the iOS app store. The great thing about iMovie is that it has everything that you need to edit your videos. Apart from that, you can also add your own sound effects to the video through iMovie. Yes, you can also remove the audio from video with iMovie for iOS.

#3 Mute Video

Mute Video

As the name of the app says, Mute Video is another best iPhone app available on the Google Play Store that can remove the video from audio. It’s basically an audio editing app that provides users various volume adjustment options. Apart from removing videos, the Mute Video app can also remove the noise and unnecessary sounds from any video.

#4 On Windows

Remove Audio From Video On Any Device

On Windows, we would be using the most popular video media player VLC for the audio removing process. Simply launch the VLC media player, go to Media option from the menu bar, Click on Convert/Save option through the list that appears. Using the Add button adds the media or the video file you wish to remove the audio. Click on the Convert/Save button on the panel and then on the next panel Click on the Tools aside to the Convert section near the drop-down field. Now select the Audio Codec section and then uncheck the Audio subheading. Save the settings and while you return to the previous page fill the destination for the file and then Click on the Start button. The video file will be converted and saved to the selected destination.

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#5 Using Wondershare Filmora (Windows & Mac OS X)

Well, on desktop computers Wondershare Filmora is always the best option to remove audio from any video. For those who don’t know, WonderShare Filmora is right now the leading video editor available for the desktop operating system. Here we are going to share an easy method to remove audio from Video on Windows and MAC by using WonderShare Filmora

Step 1. First of all, visit this link and download the latest version of Wondershare Filmora. If you are using Windows, then download the Windows installation file. Using Wondershare Filmora

Step 2. Once installed, launch Wondershare Filmora on your computer and there you need to import the video from which you want to remove the audio. Using Wondershare Filmora

Step 3. Once imported, you need right click on the video file as shown on the image below. Select the Audio Detach from the right-click menu. Using Wondershare Filmora

Step 4. Now you need to double click in the Video timeline and click on ‘Create’ to explore the video track. Now choose the output format and done. Using Wondershare Filmora

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can use Wondershare Filmora to remove audio from any video on the desktop operating system.

#6 Online Websites

Well, there are several websites online which allow you to remove audio from the video without the need for re-encoding. Below we are going to list down two best websites which will help you to remove Audio from any video.

#1 Audio Remover

Audio Remover

This is one of the best website available out there which allows users to remove audio from video without re-encoding it. This web-based interface works on Windows and Mac and the best thing is that the site can be accessed via web browser. You just need to upload the video and it will automatically remove the audio from it.

#2 Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

Basically, this is a web-based video converter which allows you to convert video into different formats. However, you can also use Apowersoft free online video converter to delete audio files from your video. You need to follow the below-mentioned step to remove audio from your video

  • First of all, visit the site Free Online Video Converter and then click on “Select Files To Start”
  • Now choose the video which you want to convert, then you need to click on “Edit” button to enable the editor
  • Now from the drop down, you need to set the ‘Adjust Volume’ under 0%
    Click on ‘Ok’ to confirm the configuration and then finally click on Convert.

That’s it! You are done, this is how you can use Apowersoft Free online video converter to remove audio from your videos.

Audio and Video combined could be a great experience while for some of the reasons the users might not want the audio inside the video or just audio is required from the certain video, at that time the above-stated method of removing audio from video is helpful. As you have got that the method is really easy to be applied so it could be easier for any beginner to grasp the benefits out of this method and hence complete the related tasks. We hope that you would like this article and the whole information provided here in this article, if it is so then please do like up this article. Also, share this article with as many people as you could so that the others would also gain the knowledge about the information insisted here. We would appreciate if you shall comment on your opinions and the suggestions regarding this post and the method, please use the comments section for the same!