Top 15+ Best Android RPG Games 2019

f you are RP games lover then we are here with Top 10 best Android RPG Games 2019 that you need to try in android phone and these games are packed with some of the amazing experience and are developed with the best well-known developers who are known for the best games production in Android. So have a look at these games below.

Games are the really fun way of enjoying and if these are digital then the fun is supposed to be endless. Now there are various digital gaming devices out there like gaming consoles, TV devices, Smartphones, computer devices, etc. Out of all the one that is seen to gain a rise in gaming aspects is the Android platform. There have been several great games released for the Android platform.

Games are also categorized, now there are RPG games too. From this category of games, there can be innumerable good games. To help the users find the best games easily we have written this article, here we have presented the list of the best Android RPG games. If you are interested to know about the games then just go and read out the whole information given below till the end. You will surely like the data given here, so why not to start reading it from below!

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Top 15+ Best Android RPG Games 2019

Well, I’m also RPG games lover and I keep on searching best games time to time and write the post on that on the techviral. And this time I have selected some of the best RPG games that you gonna surely love as I have selected them on the basis of their user ratings, reviews, download rates and some of my personal experience as I also tried them. So have a look at these games below and get them on your android phone.

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#1 The Bard’s Tale

Android RPG Games

The Bard’s Tale was one of the primary better than average RPG encounters on versatile and keeps on being extraordinary compared to other even at this point. It’s a redo of the exemplary amusement from the mid 1980s that characterized the RPG class all in all. You’ll be going on journeys, overhauling your character, and participating in a wide range of delightful clowning around. You’ll discover a considerable measure of characteristic and gruffness from the exchange. That implies you can anticipate a lot of satire.

#2 Exiled Kingdoms

Best Android RPG Games 2019 That worth Trying

Ousted Kingdoms is a solitary player activity RPG. It’s one of only a handful few in this classification that isn’t likewise a freemium amusement. It includes a storyline where you need to spare the world from detestations that were extra from a past disturbance. The designs aren’t the best piece of amusement. Be that as it may, they do get the point crosswise over and the menu framework is sufficiently simple to get it. Like most RPGs, you’ll need to update your character, finish the story, and investigate your general surroundings.

#3 Beamdog recreations

Beamdog recreations

Beamdog is an engineer that spends significant time in porting old PC RPGs. Their gathering incorporates Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment. Those are the PC ports. Their most recent amusement, Seige of Dragonspear, is a unique diversion. These are immense amusements with many hours of storyline each. Also, they highlight profound character building, troublesome missions, and each DLC for each diversion. They’re old-fashioned RPGs. That implies they’re profound, tedious, and complex. Notwithstanding, those searching for a more easygoing knowledge should likely stay away.

#4 Evoland

Free Android RPG Game

Evoland is a particular and fun RPG that acquires from a huge amount of various amusements in an exceptionally novel manner. It’s set up to have you play through the historical backdrop of activity experience recreations and incorporates both 2D and 3D situations. You’ll additionally get the chance to do turn-based battle and also hack-n-cut battle. As you advance, you’ll open new sorts of battle and new situations that truly take you through the times of gaming.

#5 Doom and Destiny Advanced

Doom and Destiny Advanced

Fate and Destiny Advanced is the continuation, prequel, and reboot for the first Doom and Destiny. Its antecedent was on our rundown for the best RPGs for two or three years. The amusement includes a considerable measure of indistinguishable characters and starts from the first however in a totally extraordinary storyline (and even measurement), as per the engineers.

#6 Eternium: Mage and Minions

Best Android RPG Games 2019

Mage and Minions is an allowed to play RPG. It can likewise be played disconnected. It’s one of only a handful few RPGs that can. It has an assortment of storylines and ideas and you’ll be engaging robots, skeletons, brutes, evil spirits, outsiders, and numerous others. Obviously, there are a lot of things for you to discover and accumulate. It is somewhat more hack-and-slice than it is a RPG, however the components are certainly there.

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#7 Fire Emblem Heroes

RPG Games For Android

Well, if you are looking for a strategy RPG game for your Android, then Fire Emblem Heroes might be the best one for you. In this game, the player starts by collecting heroes and then the storyline starts. The gameplay of Fire Emblem Heroes is pretty simple where you need to summon characters, develop the Heroes’ skills and take them to the Fights. So, its one of the best free RPG game for Android that you will love to play.

#8 Inotia 4

Inotia 4

Well, Inotia 4 is a multiplayer RPG game for Android where the player needs to develop their own character from 4 different types of heroes. All fights in Inotia 4 takes place in real time where you have to use your fighting skills to destroy the enemies. Inotia 4 is also one of the most downloaded and addictive RPG game for Android which is now played by millions of users.

#9 Evoland

Latest RPG Game

Well, if you are looking for an RPG game which is filled with lots of adventures, then Evoland might be the best pick for you. It’s basically 2D action/adventure game in which you need to collect stars to unlock better graphics and unique gameplay styles. In this game, the player needs to explore the world of secrets, dungeons, puzzles, etc.

#10 Star Conflict Heroes

Star Conflict Heroes

In Star Conflict Heroes, the player needs to expand a fleet of spacecraft. It’s basically a sci-fi action RPG Game where the player needs to explore a story-rich universe. You need to fight against other players on a galactic journey to acquire new starships and upgrade the abilities of the existing ones. So, Star Conflict Heroes is definitely one of the best RPG game that you will love to play.

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#11 Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

If you are looking for an Android RPG game that’s high on graphics, then you need to try Shadowgun Legends. Guess what? Shadowgun Legends is one of the best Android RPG game that you will love to play. In this game, the player lives in a dystopian world where he needs to survive the fight and battles. So, Shadowgun Legends is definitely the best Android RPG game that you can play right now.

#12 Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is another great Android RPG game on the list which is high on visuals. In this game, the player needs to recruit a hero and build a powerful team to fight with others. The game is fun to play and it’s addictive as well. So, Baldur’s Gate is another best Android RPG game that you can play on your smartphone right now.

#13 MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight is one of the top-rated game available on the Google Play Store. If you are a die-hard fan of Marvel, then you will love the game for sure. The game almost all heroes and villains from Marvel Universe and you can assemble your own team to fight with others. So, MARVEL Future Fight is another best Android RPG Game that you can play.

#14 Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is heavily popular on the Google Play Store and its one of the best role-playing game that you can play right now. Unlike all other Shadow fight games, Shadow Fight 3 has an interesting storyline. The game has 3D graphics and the game is highly addictive. So, Shadow Fight 3 yet another best RPG game that you can play on your Android.

#15 Day R Survival

Day R Survival

In this game, the player is dropped in a country after an apocalypse. The player needs to survive from the radiation, hunger and health issue to win the game. This is a story based game which is highly addictive. The player needs to cross the entire country to save his family after a nuclear war. So, it’s another best RPG game that you would love to play.

#16 SoulCraft


SoulCraft is one of the best free and top-rated Action RPG game that every Android users would love to play. The game has awesome graphics and great gameplay. In this game, you need to play as an Angel hero to fight against the evil demons. The game has everything ranging from different game modes, different locations, different bosses, etc to give you the adrenaline rush. So, SoulCraft is definitely the best RPG game that you can play right now.

#17 Heroes Legend

Heroes Legend

Well, Heroes Legend is another RPG Action card game in which you need to collect and train heroes, summon teammates to control the battle. The game right now has over 50 idle heroes which you need to collect and use to defeat brutal monsters. What’s more interesting is that the player needs to implement different strategies to win every battle. So, Heroes Legend is another best card based RPG game that you would love to play.

#18 Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises  

Darkness Rises is one of the best free and top-rated RPG game available on the Google Play Store. The game is heavily popular amongst Android users. The game has gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay and intense boss battles to keep you glued. The gameplay is simple, you just need to hack and slash your way through demons and hordes of monster. As you progress, you unlock more skills and abilities.

Finally, after reading this post, you have got to know about the best Android RPG games of the year 2019. We have tried to present the whole information in such a way that it could be easily grasped and eventually you would have got it easily. Hope that you would have liked the data on this page, if it is so then please try to share it with others too. We really appreciate your indulgence in our work because it’s all about you that we gain more heights. Please try to share your opinions and suggestions regarding this post by using the comments box below. At last but nevertheless thanks for reading this post!