50 per cent for the spa in the Caribbean

50 per cent for the spa in the Caribbean

50 Cent arrested for swearing in the Caribbean:
50 per cent for the spa in the Caribbean:


Andy Scott
2 years ago

Rapper 50 Cent arrested booked on profanity charges over the weekend in the Caribbean, all for saying the word “son of a bitch.*****.”

The incident happened after 50 Cent performed in front of 40,000 people in Saint Kitts—where it is illegal to swear in public—according to the newspaper “New York Daily News”. Delegates from 40 year-old rapper claims that he was supposed to host this event in St. Kitts but the wound performance following the request of the event organizers. “I had used to DJ there,” rep. “Unfortunately, you don’t have a clean copy on his movements, so there were insults used during his performance.”

According to the Daily News, the 50 per cent charged in the June 25, 2016 and returned to court the next morning to “pay a fine and settle the matter.”

“Knowledge is a great success and he will make sure for future trips to St. Kitts that leaves the ‘son of a bitch.******’ in the United States, ” his representative added.

According to USA Today , the rapper DMX was arrested in similar circumstances in 2003 after using profanity during a concert for about 3,000 people. At that time, St. Kitts’ Minister of Information claimed DMX has signed a contract in which he warned the rapper about the use of profanity in public places. These allegations were later denied DMX.

As for 50 Cent, salt-born rapper—whose real name is Curtis Jackson—has been a long, long history of problems with the law. In 2015, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ star filed for bankruptcy protection after the court ordered him to pay $ 7 million to a woman who accused him of posting sex tape on the internet. Reached agreement with creditors in March 2016, but this agreement still needs the approval of a federal judge, according to the Daily News.


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