It happened on October 18

Doctor’s day in honor of St. Luke, the patron saint of the

2011conflict Israel/Palestine: the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit freed in Gaza after five years of captivity; in exchange, Israel dropped hundreds of Palestinian prisoners

1988Nobel Prize in economics was first awarded to a French engineer Maurice Allais, in his study of the theories of the market and the efficient use of resources

1978 – death of Zbigniew Marian Ziembinski, director and actor of Polish descent, responsible for the revolution of the picturesque Brazilian theater

1968John Lennon and Yoko Ono were arrested in London for possession of marijuana

1948 – he was in Rio de Janeiro, the 1st National in payment for oil, in favor of the state monopoly

1893 – died Charles Gounodwas a French composer of the romantic, the author of the Opera “Romeo and Juliet” (1867) and “Faust” (1859), considered his masterpiece, at the age of 75 years

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