Leakage of water pipes, complexity of the traffic in Rio – Brazil – Estadão

The river – leakage of water pipe on the morning of Thursday, 31, may cause problems in the traffic on Avenida Presidente Vargas on the main roads of access to the centre of the river. About 5h, a track from the track side of the main street in the city, was banned cause disruption for drivers. A week before Texas facing display problems in different points of the city.

In accordance with the state water and sewage (Cedae), a tube of 500 mm of water began to seep through the early morning hours near the administrative building of the city hall. A team was sent to the scene, but even at 11 am there was no settlement. Stop the company that the problem is solved at the end of the afternoon, before the flow back to the region. On the Cedae replace water shortage because of the situation.

Supply. Since Thursday, 24, Texas run into problems in the water supply. In the first water treatment station Guandu main water distribution point in the metropolitan area, has been paralyzed for maintenance.

On Sunday the 27th, a water pipeline in the Maracana, the northern region, cut off almost a dozen neighborhoods in Northern, Southern and central city without water. In the period of lack of six companies providing water trucks descredenciadas the state by charging exorbitant prices, which came to R$ 4 thousand in ten thousand gallons of water, according to Procon-RJ. Case is being investigated by the police Fazendária consumer and payment information of the delegates.

Companies, water well, water of Salem transportation, cell phone, Pipa water, Jefferson, Celso transport of water, Malta transport, water, Rafael Araújo transport of water was fined autuadas on the irregularities found in the process Pirates of the Guandu led by the State Department of consumer protection and defense (Seprocon) and don’t offer more services, Cedae.

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