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Como identificar e combater fake news?
how to determine Anti-Fake News?

– (Generation Tokyo/Superinteressante)

1. Review

Before you buy your text, it is important to read with calm. Note if it has words in wars, intolerance, abbreviations, spelling errors, and over-Page. Be careful if there are a lot of reviews, and addresses, the excitement and the data without reference to the source.

2. Search

Clues to find the fake news beyond the text. Sites with similar names with known compounds, which does not identify its authors, and do not have contact info is suspect. Sometimes experts who have consulted or there. Useful take Google.

3. Confirmation

Check to see if the news came in a newspaper or magazine or website. Be careful because the content is right is not always 100% false. Sometimes it’s just a snippet used out of context or the issue that a lot of the old joint. This manipulation contributes to the misinformation.

4. Report

On Facebook, it is possible to classify suspicious content as “false”: just click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Agencies to verify the facts, specialized in confirm or refute political speeches, videos, and even current of WhatsApp has forms of the complaint.

Services working in the fight against fake news

To the facts (

Investigation Agency of the videos, chain letters and memes that spread on the internet.

Created in 2002, the blog was one of the first to refute the rumors in Brazil.

B. X. Detector (bsdetector.Technology)

A browser plug-in that analyzes the health of the ranks of the site access.

The trick, Falsiane (

Free online course interactive on false news.

Sources: sites G1 Harvard Summer School, the IFLA new school, the first draft registration, Falsiane.

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