The story of one of Across Technology’s interns, Evelien Claeys.

Change communication Change management

No pants: how blind are we?

Many management guru’s explore “the living company” and the ways to create it.

Change management Thought leadership

Why Creativity Is King In The Age of Disruption

Knowledge alone no longer is a key differentiator when information becomes ubiquitous. Creativity is. Are you prepared for the Creativity Economy?

Strategy clarification Thought leadership

Laurence Van Elegem

When communication becomes maths

Communication specialists are often regarded as performing artists: they are eloquent, creative and, moreover, all the laws governing ‘Return on Investment’ don’t seem to apply to them. For a long time, communication was, by definition, immeasurable. But that’s certainly not the case anymore. The impact of modern communication is now assessable in figures.

Change communication

Five bad excuses for not applying self-management techniques

Organizations are in constant change and have a hard time keeping everyone happy and motivated. Constant reorganization, frequent management changes and seemingly conflicting marching orders are wearing everyone out.

Change management

Incorporate brain research in your communication

Your information package explaining change must target and serve differently oriented persons. If not, people will not get it, stay resistant and your change project will doubtlessly fail. It is necessary, in your approach, to recognize the difference between verbal-oriented and visualspatial-oriented persons. Some people just do not see the picture .. and will get left in the dark!

Change communication Internal communication

Akke Tick

It’s time to synergize Change and Innovation mgt!

Innovation and Change management. To make a difference and substantial impact in the current rapidly changing environment, your business and key projects need both.

Change management Thought leadership

Steven Van Proeyen

How to become a master in the art of intrapreneuring

What does it take to become a master in intrapreneurship? Discover Guy Kawasaki's advice here and knock yourself out!

Change communication Change management Thought leadership

Nele Lievrouw

The thermodynamics of marketing

A great marketing department knows when to be fluid and when to stay frozen. The thermodynamics of marketing explains why.

Strategy clarification Thought leadership

Laurence Van Elegem

Inspiring Leadership for Change

An often-used quote in change management books and presentations is Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. It is often interpreted as good advice to convince leaders to manage by example, but there is much more to it than that. Here's some of my thoughts about what it takes to really inspire as a (change) leader.

Change management

Jan Dooms

Seven trends shaping organizations today

There are a few underlying trends which are shaping today’s and tomorrow’s organizations. Understanding these trends will allow organizations to better prepare and adapt to the changes which are impacting the way we work and organize ourselves.

Change management

Chantal Van de Ginste

Hybrid marketing: when thought leadership meets internal communication

It sounds like an unlikely combination. Yet, in some cases, thought leadership can greatly reinforce the impact of internal communication.

Internal communication

Dirk Stael

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