Why internal communication matters

In many countries, communication from Management to staff is required by law. And in countries where this isn’t the case, it ought to be written into their constitution. Five good reasons why internal communication matters.

Internal communication

José Delameilleure

Three essentials to create competitive advantage in a VUCA world (part 1).

I want to share some of the insights and argue that people diversity, trust and the right tools are essentials for sustainable competitive advantage in a VUCA world.

Strategy clarification

creating competitive advantage in a VUCA world

How to kill creativity

Creativity is not just for brilliant geniuses. We were all – well, most of us anyways – born with a degree of this innate talent.

Strategy clarification

Laurence Van Elegem

How to optimize your organization and create a great place to work?

Many organizations are under a lot of strain. This obviously has repercussions on their employees. Discover here how you can optimize your organization and how Wouter Torfs creates a great place to work.

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Nele Lievrouw

What women (really) think

I am a woman. And I always refused to go to women-only events. Not this time. Read about my adventure at WISE, Women in ICT Sharing Experiences, May 8th 2015 in Brussels.

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Chantal Van de Ginste

@Revolve_UnConf Social media as a parallel universe #revolve15 @acrosstech

Recently, we were very fortunate to be involved in Revolve UnConference – an event that our customer EMC organized to bring together start-ups and established companies and have them learn from each other. What struck me most at this conference was the way in which social media acted as a parallel conference.

Thought leadership

José Delameilleure

Stop storytelling. Start story-doing.

Story-doing is not old-fashioned storytelling in a new bottle. Story-doing means you put ‘actions’ before ‘words’. This case explains what story-doing means.

Internal communication

Dirk Stael

How manager’s assumptions create the employees they (don’t) want

All ’new’ forms of management imply – and require! – a ’new’ view on human nature. A view that is fundamentally different from the one that has served us well to justify hierarchical command & control practices. This is often a hidden but key stumbling block to the introduction of newer, more modern organizational models and management practices.

Change management

Jan Dooms


The story of one of Across Technology’s interns, Evelien Claeys.

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No pants: how blind are we?

Many management guru’s explore “the living company” and the ways to create it.

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Why Creativity Is King In The Age of Disruption

Knowledge alone no longer is a key differentiator when information becomes ubiquitous. Creativity is. Are you prepared for the Creativity Economy?

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Laurence Van Elegem

When communication becomes maths

Communication specialists are often regarded as performing artists: they are eloquent, creative and, moreover, all the laws governing ‘Return on Investment’ don’t seem to apply to them. For a long time, communication was, by definition, immeasurable. But that’s certainly not the case anymore. The impact of modern communication is now assessable in figures.

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