The thermodynamics of marketing

A great marketing department knows when to be fluid and when to stay frozen. The thermodynamics of marketing explains why.

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Laurence Van Elegem

Inspiring Leadership for Change

An often-used quote in change management books and presentations is Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. It is often interpreted as good advice to convince leaders to manage by example, but there is much more to it than that. Here's some of my thoughts about what it takes to really inspire as a (change) leader.

Change management

Jan Dooms

Seven trends shaping organizations today

There are a few underlying trends which are shaping today’s and tomorrow’s organizations. Understanding these trends will allow organizations to better prepare and adapt to the changes which are impacting the way we work and organize ourselves.

Change management

Chantal Van de Ginste

Hybrid marketing: when thought leadership meets internal communication

It sounds like an unlikely combination. Yet, in some cases, thought leadership can greatly reinforce the impact of internal communication.

Internal communication

Dirk Stael

Look at resistance and enhance motivation

In times of change, motivating staff gets harder for most companies. Character traits of employees are more pronounced, in a positive but also in a negative sense. Motivating staff only makes sense if the barriers to change are negotiable.

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Akke Tick

Who shouts the loudest: the press or PR?

These days, the media sometimes cry harder for attention than the companies who want to put out a press release. That creates a screaming match that no one benefits from. Journalists holler to get heard. So if you want to get some news out, as a business man, you tend to shout just as loud in order to attract the journalist’s gaze.

Thought leadership

José Delameilleure

How to live a long life

The average life expectancy of a human being in the 21st century is about 71 years. Do you know what the average life expectancy for a company is? Surprisingly short, as it turns out.

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Chantal Van de Ginste

Nele Lievrouw

Sense and NonSense of Changing Culture

Culture can make or break a change initiative. Yet it is difficult to get a hold of, and many leaders wrestle with the question what to do about it. Here are some answers...

Change management

Jan Dooms

Laurence Van Elegem

6 steps to an effective business model canvas

Alexander Osterwalder’s business model canvas is one of the most effective tools on the market. You just need to apply it to the right challenges and use it as it’s intended.

Strategy clarification

Silvester Goetinck

Dirk Stael

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