Content marketing as a game or as… a strategy

In recent years marketing in general – and IT marketing in particular – has been dominated by `content marketing’. And rightly so. Demonstrating – through tightly targeted and well-written blogs or stories – that you know the sector intimately, that you know what your customers are engaged in, is a good idea.

Thought leadership

José Delameilleure

There’s nothing unique about your strategy. Sorry.

If strategy is so similar across different companies and industries, than what’s the point of doing strategy?

Strategy clarification

Dirk Stael

Finance doesn’t matter. Do you know what does?

In 2003, Nicholas Carr wrote his inglorious HBR article “IT doesn’t matter”. Now, we can start to think similarly about finance!

Strategy clarification Thought leadership

Ludo Van den Kerckhove

Cultivate personal leadership if you want change and innovation

People development is fundamental to develop a culture of change and innovation in your organization. What does this mean in practice?

Change management

Jan Dooms

How IT can use marketing methods to close an age-old gap

We are all familiar with buyer’s persona’s. But what if you hijack this approach and apply it to close the gap between business and IT?

Connect through technology

Silvester Goetinck

Laurence Van Elegem

7 guidelines (by magic) to prepare for and thrive in today’s uncertain, rapidly changing business environment

Is there a recipe to thrive in today’s VUCA world? These guidelines will help you on your way.

Strategy clarification Thought leadership

Steven Van Proeyen

Build a Message House and you’ll be as safe…

One of the biggest stumbling block customers’ face when creating communication campaigns is the development of a consistent, comprehensible messaging. There is a widely used method however, I think only a few companies have heard of it or even use it: the Message House.

Change communication Internal communication

Caroline Hillaert

Imperfection kills boring, hail to `failosophy’

We live in a photo-shopped world where we play our own perfect part in the 24/7 online reality show we call life. But isn’t perfection becoming a bore? Discover here how to reshape your communication around the concept of imperfection… and be less boring.

Thought leadership

Nele Lievrouw

Coaching drives performance

In everyday life and work there are landmark junctions which generate questions. Sometimes looking for answers keeps you busy day and night. Your communication starts to blur and confusion enters ...

Change communication

Akke Tick

Looking back in order to innovate for the future

Reflections on 40 years of innovation as an artistic entrepreneur. See how you can…
- innovate by going back in time
- turn stumbling blocks into opportunities
- drive innovation forward against all the odds

Strategy clarification

Dirk Stael

Trust matters

What really matters in an organization are networks, relationships & trust. It’s all about relationships and trust.

Change management

Chantal Van de Ginste

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